Language of Eyes

Language of Eyes

Accepted worldwide is eye’s language,
Language of the soul and body language;
Sad- sullen, intoxicated full, these two eyes are such,
In whose trickling ,hope thrive;
Unstopped sighting and desirous of grabbing sky stars
While all universe in deep slumber-
So deep is the eye’s language!

Sipping from intoxicated cupped eyes of lover
Sohani Life staked for her love,
Dipped in ocean of excited eyes,
Unmindful of the damage of Chenab’s waves
That led astrong the mind,
Such is the force of eye’s language !

Unbound desires gain energy from them;
They in vacuum, give rise to thoughts.
As how this basket of thoughts touch its destination
This curiosity, moment by moment trickle-down the eyes-
Who could be able to understand these eye’s language?

Eye to eye contact, smilingly tell the tale
That granted shape to creative feelings;
Accumulated out of swift heat energy
When put to action, fulfills aspirations
By explaining the diversity of the world’s creation—
Such is the propensity of the eye’s language !

Hiding deep secrets, not revealing the meaning underneath,
Silence, even then , unravel the inner feelings;
Presents mirror of man’s newly born thoughts— his inner feelings
Such unique is the eye’s language.

Veena Vij’udit’
May 2020

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