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हज़रत शेख- उल -आलम के जां नशीन हज़रत सख़ी ज़ैनुद्दीन की ज़ियारत गाह ऐश मुकाम

Sunday, May 13th, 2018

Aish MuQam ziyaratgah’s story . It is situated in Kashmir. While going to Pahalgam … from Anantnag or Islamabad it is 18 miles away only. It is Ziyarat of Hazarat Sakhi Zainuddin vali.

कलफ़ लगी साड़ी

Tuesday, May 8th, 2018

Neeru was in love with Aaditya . He comes to visit her in the college hostel to take her out for week end .Both want to spend time in each others company the whole sunday, but could not find a solitary corner to hug each other. At last under the roof of a rakshaw, in side the cover of starched cotton saree of Neeru they could hug n touch each other.