पशेमां ना हो मचलती तमन्नाओं
दिल में ही बैठे हैं रुख़्सत हो जानेवाले..
बेहद अकीदत से पुकारा किए उनको
तर्क़ कर चल दिए लौट के ना आने वाले..
ना होगा दीदार ना मिलेंगी अब उनकी बाहें
लौट के आते नहीं रूठ के जाने वाले..
ग़माफ्जा क्यों हो, कुछ तो तरस खाओ
नाचीज़ पर क़रम करो सितम ढाने वाले..
तशफ्फी रख ऍ दिल मगमूम ना हो
उनके पैग़ाम तेरे नाम हैं आने वाले…..|

वीना विज ‘उदित’

बेहद अकीदत=आदर सहित, तर्क़ कर = छोड़ कर, ग़माफ्जा= दुःख बढ़ाने वाले,
तशफ्फी= तसल्ली, मगमूम= उदास

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  1. Devesh Says:

    क्या खुब्शुर्ति से भावोन को अभिव्य्कत कियअ है


  2. Ravindra Pushker Says:

    Dear Madam,

    Let me first introduce myself. I am a member of Editorial Board of Argala magazine which is about to be launched next month. It will be online for first few months and later from January 2009 onwards we will go for print issue. Except very few columns such as “Yuva Pratibha”, most of the contributions are by invitation only. We welcome all kind of contributions related to Hindi literature such as, Kavita, Kahani, Lekh, Sameeksha or anything which suggest how to promote Hindi or Hindi literature. There is one column which is dedicated to translated articles from other languages to Hindi.

    In the first issue of Argala some of the highlights are, Interview of India’s biggest award in literature ie Sahitya Academy Award winner Mr. Amarkant, Interview of Dr. Soumyabrata Chowdhury, a famous theater director and writer, article of Late Acharya Ramchandra Shukla and a few contributions from some of the most famous personalities in this field – Dr. Varyam Singh, Dr. Ganga Prasad Vimal, Dr. Anand Kumar and Dr. Devendra Chowbey.

    I got your contact from your Blog. I liked stories a lot and poems too. It would be an honor to publish some of your creations. I would like to invite you to send me some of your stories and poems for consideration in our magazine. I will be very glad if you could send me an updated CV/Biodata along with your creations.

    With regards,
    Ravindra Pushker
    Member, Editorial Board

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